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Who we are

With more than 20 years of experience in web development, project management and many large scale projects under our belt, our team knows how to bring quality to the modern web.

Our clients know we are flexible. We find and apply the proper tools for individual projects to best meet their needs. Even providing complete documentation for any project and full training for your content managers where necessary.

Choose CMS for you

DAC will do the rest. Scroll down for a chart of comparative market share.

Wordpress 59,9%
Joomla 7%
Laravel 5%
Other SDKs 26%

7 Days

special option for clients who have no time to wait.

Day 1.

Fill in our brief form, choose a template

Day 2.

Design website structure

Day 3.

Send over your content

Day 4.

Initial Website Testing

Day 5.

Web Design and Projection

Day 6.

Website testing

Day 7.

Deploy your unique websitet

7 weeks

This package is typically used for mid sized corporate projects

7 month

This package is recommended for those clients that want the best. Clients receive completely customized UI and design, fully optimized for mobile devices (visual and performance). We will also provide professional grade SEO for up to 10 static pages of your website, along with many other perqs.

Month 1.

Technical description, Marketing research, UI prototyping

Month 2.

UI prototyping, Design

Month 3.

Design, Wireframe setup

Month 4.

Functional coding, [email protected] testing

Month 5.

Functional coding, [email protected] testing

Month 6.

Test deployment, SEO research

Month 7.

Testing, Production deployment

Our stack

technologies we use for your projects

24/7 support for our clients

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Every website we create includes full documentation for content manager and technical description for your engineering department.

It's easy. Our support is online for 20hrs/7 days a week via Skype or WhatsApp.

It depends. Please contact your developer first.

Of course. We provide 1 month warranty for 7 days development, 2 months for 7 weeks development and 12 weeks for 7 month code.